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One week in, why aren't I Superdad yet?

So I’ve managed to grab a little bit of dad time, it's not much just an hour whilst my Daughter is at rainbows but it’s time enough for a pint while I ponder my first week being at home full time.

Now I think it’s been a reasonably successful week; I have managed to do several loads of washing, both of the children are still alive and reasonably unscathed (big sister grazed her hand, very small indeed) and my wife is talking to me and not a solicitor so it must've gone well right? She has given me some little pointers which she feels, will help me run the household in a more efficient and effective way. Now when she offered me these little nuggets I was less than receptive to what I thought at the time were criticisms, but upon further thought are actually just my wife trying to help me into my new role. At the time I was snappy with her which I can probably put down to the sleep deprivation which is both child related and self inflicted. You see I have a terrible habit that I indulge in late at night when my wife is asleep. And that habit is proper shit television, I will quite literally watch any old shite that I can find and I think its roots can be found in a former life as a manager of late night pubs. When I used to get home from work at ridiculous o'clock I would put on the TV as I wound down and the habit still plagues me now and I know I must break it...but I digress.

My wife's advice is actually very sensible and sound and I know if I am to be successful at this I must learn to take her advice and criticisms better as I can be a bit argumentative (basically a moody twat). Her first bit of advice is that I need to work on my time management and she is right I don’t plan my days well enough. I’ve got the mornings pretty much down but I think where I flounder a bit is the bits in between and I don’t honestly think I use this time well enough and end up rushing around like a maniac trying to get things done before that Boy wakes from his post breakfast nap. Now I’m sure in time this will become a bit easier for me as I settle into the role of house husband but what I don’t want is to fall into the trap of just doing the bare minimum and then sitting around and watching the television with the Boy, because lets be honest there's only so much kids TV a grown man can watch before your brain turns to mush! I already find myself humming the theme tune to "Hey Duggee" whilst I walk around town with him (it was worse when I was at home with my daughter and I knew the running order of the programming for baby TV and what was on and when). I’m sure I will settle into my own routine but until then I will just do as I’m doing and just randomly do what I think needs to be done and hope that my wife doesn’t notice that I don’t have a real plan and am actually just winging it.

And speaking of winging it that leads me nicely onto the next piece of advice that my wife gave to me, which was mealtimes and she is totally right here. I completely and totally wing it when it comes to dinner time. I will leave it until lunchtime when I’m feeding the Boy and then it suddenly dawns on me that I have to prepare the evening meal for up to 4 people, desperately start emptying the freezer looking for something to cook that evening and realise that it’s too late and then trek into town to buy something to cook. Now this is not the way to do things and there are many reasons why, the first being what I'm buying is probably already in the freezer (admittedly it’s frozen solid but it is there!) and so is not only a waste of my time as I trudge into town, but also a waste of money as I already have what I'm buying. I also end up buying other bits and bobs that we really do not need.

The plan now is that on Sunday nights I’m going to come up with a meal plan for the week and then absolutely, positively under no circumstances whatsoever deviate from that plan. Now this should serve many purposes but the main ones will be; more organised mealtimes utilising the food that we have, and better budgeting when it comes to grocery shopping. It should also help me to become more organised which I know my wife will appreciate as she says I’m very disorganised, and I will need great organisational skills if I’m going to achieve the rank of Superdad. While I’m at it I’ll also do a rota for the household chores so that I have a more structured week and spend less time in manic mode and have more time for the kids. I know it’s only been a week and I can’t expect everything to just fall into place and run like clockwork just yet but I’m working on it.

Oh and in case you wanted to know the mirror and shelves still aren’t up yet but I plan on doing them this Friday afternoon.........