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Time Flies!

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post, the time has absolutely flown by and I’ve been so busy. We have had so much to do it’s ridiculous, there has been a hospital appointment, a children’s party at a trampoline centre (I’ll do a review on this at a later date) and I had to get a suit for an upcoming event I’m going to. We made the decision to go shopping on black Friday (of all days) but luckily bought the first suit I tried on so didn't have to traipse around the shops for too long! We had two days for the carpets to be fitted and this involved us moving the upstairs downstairs and then back again, and the downstairs upstairs and outside and then back again, it was like moving house again, twice! But it’s done now and I’ll never take flooring for granted again after having spent months walking on nothing except floorboards and concrete, it’s like walking on baby rabbits. I also managed to get some more bits done to the house, more shelves have been put up as well as a bracket on the wall for the tv (more man points for me!).

This was just the daytime activities, the evenings have been spent helping my daughter do her homework. Now I’m pretty sure that when I was five I didn’t get any homework and I know that we have to keep up with the changing times, I don’t mind helping her with the odd bit of homework but the list that they got was insane. It was eight pieces of homework that included building a castle or palace from their favourite fairy tale or story, making a scene in a box from their favourite fairy tale or story, a map of the enchanted forest including, yes you’ve guessed it places from their favourite fairy tale or story(with extra points for including co-ordinates). Most of the things on the homework list is nothing that a five year old is going to be able to accomplish on their own and I wonder who the teachers are testing is it us or the kids. As I said I don’t mind helping my daughter with her homework and I particularly enjoyed making the castle and creating a working drawbridge (I also wanted to put some led lights in it as well but thought that would be just showing off). I have also found out that the year above have been given the exact same homework as well! Did one of the teachers forget to do their homework and casually ask another “so what have you got planned for the parents this term?” and think ‘shit that’s a good idea I’ll steal that” When I was at school if you got caught copying some one else’s work you received time in detention, I wonder what the headmaster will do when he finds out the teachers have been copying from each other!

This week also saw our son celebrate his first birthday and I can’t believe how fast that’s come around it has flown by, his main present was his release from baby prison (I mentioned this in a previous post) as it fell on the day that the downstairs of the house was carpeted and as much as I wanted to let him go free range around the house before they were done, I’m pretty sure that the repeated trips to a&e after he has face planted onto the concrete floor (he doesn't walk he runs) would have them asking questions along the lines of “so you say he fell over, on his face, again??” and no parent wants their child looking like they’ve just gone ten rounds with Tyson.

He celebrated his freedom by head butting one of our really solid dining chairs and getting his first proper ‘egg’, then showing us he can climb the stairs. Stair gates will be fitted by the weekend to prevent uncomfortable questions in a&e but for the next few days I’ll play ‘chase and retrieve’. And the plus side to this is we're hoping that Mr no naps will tire himself out and that will hopefully give some more time to do some cooking.

I did make something yesterday and below is a photo of my chilli beef slice which my daughter said was ‘fantastical’, you can’t get higher praise than that! I’m also planning to make some mince pies. I usually make crumble topped ones but I'm going to do something a little different this year and I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you for reading and if you like it don’t forget to subscribe and share this post.