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Angels and Demons

Something has happened to “The Boy”, it was last week on Tuesday I think. I can’t quite put my finger on but I'm reasonably sure he’s been possessed by the devil. He can go from normal toddler into demonic possessed child mode in the bat of an eyelid, throwing the most epic tantrum for almost any reason. It would seem that the terrible two’s have arrived and we weren’t ready for it at all.

He finished his yoghurt, signalling the end of the world!!

We were quite lucky with my daughter, she was very mild mannered and never really threw tantrums (something that she is more than making up for now with an attitude that would rival any moody teenager) there were a handful of occasions where she was a true horror, but they were few and far between, like that one time we had to leave Nandos because she wouldn’t stop screaming. “The Boy” on the other hand has thrown some absolute stinkers and they can literally be for the absolutely smallest for instance;

●stopping him from playing with the plug sockets

● stopping him from throwing himself over the back of the sofa

●taking the phone chargers out of his mouth

●not letting him eat flip flops, cardboard, the mail or his sister

●not serving him whatever it was he thought I was cooking (he did tell me what he wanted but my toddler is a little rusty)

●making him sleep ●waking him up ●generally trying to keep him safe and stop him from hurting himself

Little Angel isn't he???

In fact at the moment pretty much everything that I do results in a tantrum of some description, some more severe than others and mostly when we are at home, so to the outside world he is this angelic little cherub when actually at times he can be a red headed devil child. I know it will eventually (hopefully) pass if not then I suppose I can take him to the local church and have the vicar perform an exorcism on him.